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    Wall-Hung Basins Wholesale, Manufacturers

    Wall-Hung basins are one of the hot sale products of Shanghai YUSON. The wall-mounted wash basin is a very space-saving type of washbasins. They are wash basins that are hung on the bathroom wall. The form of the wall-hung basin is more concise than the pedestal basin. Moreover, wall-hung basins of different shapes and materials will bring a delicate and unique feeling to the entire bathroom space.

    Who we are

    YUSON was founded in 2008, from the very beginning of the establishment of the company, we are committed to the design, production and marketing of bathroom and kitchen products. In the course of more than ten years of development, we continue to accumulate experience, expand the market, and invested in three factories to produce our key products, in order to ensure our core advantages in the markets.We are very professional Wall-Hung Basins manufacturer
    At the same time, we are strategicly cooperating with several very professional manufacturers in this industry to expand our product lines, in order to meet our customers' various requirements and to provide them a comprehensive kitchen and bathroom products solutions.. We gained the reputation for our wide ranges of innovative products, satisfactory quality, efficient operation, and professional services provided to our clients.


    Wall-Hung Basins Industry Knowledge Extension

    What are the advantages of installing wall-hung basins in a bathroom?

    1. Space-saving: Wall-hung basins are a great option for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where optimizing space is crucial. By being fixed directly onto the wall, these basins eliminate the need for a bulky pedestal or vanity unit, creating more floor space and giving the illusion of a larger bathroom.
    2. Easy maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining wall-hung basins is much simpler compared to traditional pedestal basins. With no pedestal or vanity unit obstructing access to the underside of the basin, it becomes effortless to clean the floor underneath and keep the area free from dust and grime. Additionally, the elevated design helps prevent water and dirt accumulation, making it easier to wipe clean.
    3. Customizable height: Wall-hung basins offer the advantage of being adjustable in terms of height. This can be particularly useful for households with multiple users, as the height of the basin can be set to suit individual preferences, ensuring comfort for everyone.
    4. Modern and sleek design: Wall-hung basins are known for their contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, which can add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. They create a sleek and uncluttered appearance, making the space look more visually appealing and spacious. This design choice also allows for easier coordination with different bathroom styles and accessories.
    5. Versatile installation: Wall-hung basins offer flexibility in terms of installation location. They can be mounted at various heights depending on the user's requirements. Whether installed at standard height for adults or at a lower height for children or disabled individuals, wall-hung basins cater to diverse needs.

    How do wall-hung basins differ from traditional pedestal basins in terms of design and functionality?

    1. Design: Wall-hung basins are designed to be mounted directly on the wall, while pedestal basins sit on a freestanding pedestal or column. This fundamental difference in design gives wall-hung basins a more modern and minimalist aesthetic, making them popular in contemporary and sleek bathroom designs. In contrast, pedestal basins have a more traditional and classic look.
    2. Space-saving: Wall-hung basins are known for their space-saving qualities. Since they are fixed onto the wall, they leave the floor and the area underneath the basin free. This makes wall-hung basins an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or compact spaces where maximizing floor space is essential. Pedestal basins, on the other hand, take up more floor space due to their freestanding design.
    3. Customization: Wall-hung basins offer more flexibility in terms of customization. As they are fixed on the wall, it is easier to choose the desired height and position for installation. This makes them a versatile option for both tall and short individuals. In contrast, pedestal basins have a fixed height, which may not be adjustable.
    4. Installation: Installing a wall-hung basin requires some additional work compared to a pedestal basin. It needs to be securely fixed to the wall, ensuring proper support. On the other hand, pedestal basins are easier to install as they are simply placed on top of the pedestal or column.
    5. Cleaning and maintenance: Wall-hung basins are easier to clean as there are no obstacles like pedestals or columns. The open space beneath the basin allows for easy access, making it easier to clean the floor as well. Pedestal basins, on the other hand, have more hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning a bit more challenging.

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