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How To Choose Bathroom Hardware Accessories?

In fact, many families have not studied bathroom hardware accessories in detail. They may just buy them when they think it is suitable and cheap. They may not have paid attention to what material they are made of.

First of all, briefly tell you what are the main hardware pendants.

Hanger classification:

Towel rack: usually you can hang towels and put bath towels, sometimes you can also put our clothes for use. Not everyone has a hook underneath. This mainly depends on the actual needs of the family.

Triangular shelf: this is usually installed in the corner of the wall, there are single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, etc., mainly used to place shower gel shampoo.

Soap rack: We know from the name that this is a reassuring thing. It is usually used for placing soaps, soaps, and the like. However, many families have rarely washed by hand, so fewer people install this type of rack. .

Tissue holder: This is used to place tissues to prevent the tissues from being wetted by water. If the bathroom is separated from wet and dry, you don’t need to worry too much about this problem. When buying the tissue holder, it is recommended to choose a closed type or mist the tissue. Wet.

Of course, there are many different categories, such as toilet brush holders, special towel hooks, and so on. In fact, the usage rate of different racks in our daily life is also different.

The usage rate of the towel rack is basically the highest. Usually, you can put bath towels and clothes in one click, and the soap rack is the lowest. It is also mentioned above. If it is not for the needs of the home, you don’t need to buy it.

The other is the paper towel rack. In fact, the paper towel rack must have a good opening and closing effect, so paper jams are not allowed, and the material must be corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant, otherwise,  the paper towel rack will easily make the paper towel dirty.

When we buy, we must consider the actual situation at home, choose the size and the required rack, and don't buy the package blindly. Some things may not be available.

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