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Which Wash Cabinet To Choose For Your Bathroom?

According to the installation method, the wash cabinet is divided into a floor-standing wash cabinet and a wall-mounted wash cabinet. Generally, the floor-standing wash cabinet is used in a bathroom separated from dry and wet. If your bathroom has a large space, you can choose a floor-mounted wash cabinet. Wall-mounted wash cabinets have only become popular recently. They have many advantages, are easy to care for, and save space.

Floor-standing wash cabinet:

Floor-standing wash cabinets are installed without wall restrictions and are easy to carry. It is convenient to deposit and withdraw objects because the floor-standing bathroom cabinet is not high enough to store heavy objects.

Disadvantages of floor-standing bathroom cabinets:

1. It is easy to be damp, and the toilet needs to be separated from dry and wet.

2. It takes up space, and it will be more crowded for smaller toilets.

3. The sanitation is not easy to clean, and the bottom is more difficult to clean.

4. The price is higher than wall-mounted bathroom cabinets.

Wall-mounted wash cabinet

The empty cabinet under the wall-mounted wash cabinet diffuses the moisture on the ground, reduces the intrusion of moisture, and makes its lifespan longer. Clean and clean. Because the lower part is suspended in the air, it is easier to take care of, and there is basically no sanitary corner.

Disadvantages of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets:

1. The bathroom cabinet should be installed with a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, otherwise, the other walls cannot bear the weight of the bathroom cabinet, which will cause the bathroom cabinet to loosen or fall. Do not place heavy objects on the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet.

2. Installation is troublesome.

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