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YS31173 ABS handshower, mobile shower, LED handshower

ltem No.: YS31173

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(CP)Chrome Plated,Water Efficient,Ergonomics Design,Easy Cleaning,Envirmental,101-150mm,ABS,1-function,LED Lights
  • LED Color Temperature Control: The LED shower head color changes based on the water temperature; 3 Colors Temperature Sensor:1℃ - 32℃(Green); 33℃ - 41℃(Blue); 42℃ - 45℃(Blue); More than 45℃(Red);This Function can aviod our customer getting hurted of hot water especially kids,not effecting your bathroom visual effects
  • No Battery Design: The inner design new-tech water power device, NO need for the battery, it will light up when the water flows and turn off when the water stop.Thus you don't need to worry about the safety problem during your show.

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