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How to Clean a Shower?

How to Clean a Shower?
Your shower gets you clean, but what cleans your shower? We have found an abundance of tips and tricks you can do on cleaning day to make your routine faster, smarter, and better. From a simple tool switch to genius cleaning hacks, you'll have a sparkling shower in no time. Check out our tips for cleaning a shower, then learn how to clean a shower surround.
Step 1: Brush Better
If you're having a tough time scrubbing away the dirt and grime in your shower, the problem likely isn't you. It's your cleaning tool! Swap out your current go-to scrubber for a brush with a diamond-shape head. The shape reaches into corners easier than a brush with a flat head does. Plus, a brush does a better job than a sponge at loosening soap scum and water deposits.

Step 2: Deep Clean
The best time to deep clean your shower is right after you use it. The surface is already wet from your shower, and the steamy temperature has loosened dirt, making your job easier. Wipe down the walls with your favorite bathroom cleaner, or mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle and get to work. Don't forget the hardware as well! Soap scum builds up on faucets and is easily forgotten.

Step 3: Spot Clean
Create a mixture of water and a few ounces of dishwasher spot-free rinse agent. Spray it on the walls, in the shower door, and on curtains. A shower squeegee quick-dries the walls to prevent water spots and soap scum buildup. Certain surfaces require special care. Be sure to use cleaning solutions and scrubbers that won't harm the material of your shower surfaces.
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